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What's the Best Tattoo Cartridge Brand? ——Results from Laky Tattoo's 25-Brand Test

What's the Best Tattoo Cartridge Brand? ——Results from Laky Tattoo's 25-Brand Test

The tattoo industry is constantly witnessing the emergence of various new brands and different configurations of tattoo needles, leaving tattoo artists worldwide in a dilemma when it comes to making choices. We admire the renowned tattoo artist @Maksims Zotovs, who spent over six months conducting a massive test of tattoo needle brands. In this test, Maksims Zotovs comprehensively dissected and examined over 25 best-selling brands of tattoo needles on the market.


The Cartridge brands participating in the test are:

  • EZ tattoo V-select tattoo cartridges
  • Dragon hawk - Mast PRO tattoo cartridges
  • InkIn - REVO tattoo cartridges
  • Elite - Infinity tattoo cartridges
  • Inkaholic tattoo cartridges
  • Hi Tato - Drop tattoo cartridges
  • Onyx - Black series tattoo cartridges
  • Magic moon supply tattoo cartridges
  • Silk tattoo cartridges
  • Pepax - Lance tattoo cartridges
  • Color Dragon tattoo cartridges
  • T-Tech tattoo cartridges
  • Killer ink supply - Precision tattoo cartridges
  • Killer ink supply - Stellar tattoo cartridges
  • Uni Cart - Gen2 tattoo cartridges
  • Peak - Triton tattoo cartridges
  • Kwadron needles
  • Panthr tattoo cartridges
  • Emalla tattoo cartridges
  • Vertix tattoo cartridges
  • El Cartel tattoo cartridges
  • Piranha supply tattoo cartridges
  • Nexus cartridgestattoo cartridges
  • Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment tattoo cartridges
  • Jconly tattoo cartridges

1.Budget $10-$20: Best Tattoo cartridges - EZ V-Select Cartridge needles

EZ V-Select Cartridge needles

EZ VS cartridges

The cartridge brand EZ V-Select stood out in the $10-$20 price range in this test. The V-Select cartridges are of high quality, with precision-welded needles that are unmatched in this price range. With over 100 different configurations available, they can meet all artists' needs.

The outer shell of V-Select cartridges is made of high-quality PVC material, which prevents needle wear and ensures smooth sliding without resistance. Additionally, the orange transparent shell provides maximum visibility of the needle and ink flow.

Each V-Select cartridge is equipped with a high-strength V-system silicone elastic membrane to prevent ink from flowing back into the machine during operation, thus protecting the machine from damage. This is one of the reasons why we were able to pass the ink leakage test in Maksims Zotovs's test. Ensure your tattoo whips with killer ink and sun whips with magnnum shape!

V-Select cartridges are powered by the V-System, featuring a precision positioning system and elastic membrane for ultimate tattoo performance. The (-System) balanced membrane tension ensures smooth and optimal saturation of the skin with each impact. The exclusive precision positioning system of the elastic membrane isolates needle vibrations, increasing accuracy to create precise movements and indicate accurate pixels.


INkin Revo Tattoo Cartridges:

 EZ P3 Pro Turbo Master The Graywash Tattoo Kit - EZ TATTOO SUPPLY

The INKin Revo cartridge needles, the latest development from EZ Tattoo in 2023, also successfully passed the ink leakage test in this test.

The INKin Revo cartridge needles redefine the precision of tattooing. Offering all configurations and quality, you can rely on them to perform your daily tasks. All cartridges are handcrafted by professional production line personnel, not ordinary disposable cartridges mass-produced in batches. Our professional team executes multiple steps and tests to ensure precise assembly of each needle and cartridge body. We have always been committed to precise engineering design, excellent craftsmanship, and rigorous testing to maximize product quality and reliability.

The latest shell design allows for minimal ink splatter, while the semi-transparent integrated green ink body allows artists to see the tattoos they are working on to the fullest. The ultra-stable end cap design and precise positioning system enable artists to relax more without worrying about needle swing. Additionally, maintaining sharp needles can extend your working time. The tip of the cartridge is internally designed with a matte finish to accommodate more ink, providing better ink flow than most cartridges on the market.

2.Budget $20-$30: Best cartridges - Drop tattoo cartridges

Drop tattoo cartridges:

The cartridges are manufactured by Hitattoo Official. The silicone part is very comfortable to use, and the needle tips are soft yet sharp, ensuring no additional harm to the skin. However, the tips are relatively small, so it's necessary to clean the tips to prevent ink coagulation.

Made from medical grade plastic & stainless steel.
100% sterilized by E.O. Gas.
All needles are sterilized and individually packed.
These cartridges are sold in packs of 10 pieces.
Fit all types of cartridge grips & Cheyenne Hawk (cartridge system) machines.


3.Budget $30+: Best cartridges - Nexus tattoo cartridges

Nexus tattoo cartridges

This is the best needle in the most expensive cartridge category. The needle has almost no wobble during use, featuring an extremely stable metal tip and high-quality silicone.

Top quality tattoo needles are created in collaboration with tattoo artists. Their expertise ensures that each needle meets the highest standards. With advanced technology, ergonomic design, and ISO 9001-certified production, our needles set the standard for safety and precision.


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