POPU Surgical Skin Marker
Good for marking and locating on the skin . Marked clear, safety in useUsed of non-toxic, non-stimulating environmental ink.it can be erased to removed by our magic cleaner pen. It could be more accurate for those who are in the...
POPU Cotton Swabs
Wide range of uses :Great for cleaning up brow mapping, permanent makeup, manicure, makeup tool or other model making, ceramics, jewelry, fabric decorations, hobby, arts crafts. They are versatile tools for cleaning, detailing, and applying paint, glue, epoxy, lubrication, etc....
POPU Tattoo Aftercare Cream
POPU Tattoo Aftercare Cream NOURISH YOUR SKIN & PREVENT SCARRING HEAL YOUR INKED SKIN & PREVENT INFLAMMATION Main Ingredients: Glycerin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Beeswax, Saline. Applicable: eyeliner, eyebrows, lip, tattoo restoration. Note: please use 3 times a day. 3-7...
Using high-quality 304 stainless steel stamping manufacturing, smooth surface, high corrosion resistance. Three size : S, M, L S: 18cm* 11.2cm* 2cmM: 19.5cm * 13cm *2cmL: 21cm *14cm * 2cm
POPU Magic Cleaner
New and excellent quality. Easy to use. Correct the errors of enamel rapidly and precisely. It can be reused. It comes with 9 replacement tips. For cleaning tattoo marking.3pcs/bag
POPU Disposable Finger Cots
POPU Disposable Finger Cots Made By 100% natural Latex in rolled style. Powder-free, Chlorine-free, and Sulfur free. Packed by Sterilization PouchesThese latex finger guards are perfect for covering wounds on fingers to protect against infection or contamination by keeping dirt...
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