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How to choose a beginner kit in EZ tattoo?---Get your own starter kit.

How to choose a beginner kit in EZ tattoo?---Get your own starter kit.

Is the tattoo gun kit a fitting tool for those embarking on their first foray into the art of tattooing? If you're contemplating joining this esteemed team, a pivotal move involves translating theory into action. Throughout this expedition, a crucial asset is a well-equipped toolkit. Referred to by some as the "Beginner's Kit" and by others as the "Starter Kit," its significance remains consistent, regardless of nomenclature. It serves as an indispensable companion on your journey into the world of tattooing. To kickstart your professional tattooing venture, let's dissect the fundamental elements required to initiate the tattooing process.

What equipment is essential for starting your journey into tattooing? Here are some of the basic tattoo tools you'll need: Tattoo machine(Tattoo gun), Ink cups, Appropriate power supply, Needles, Disposable gloves, Practice skin
When investing in your tattoo starter kit, the goal is to secure the best setup tailored for beginners. However, it can be challenging to find a comprehensive tattoo kit that includes everything you need. In some cases, you may have to purchase additional items separately.

To assist you in making an informed decision, I'll provide insights into our curated selection of tattoo gun kits.

 3 Best Tattoo Gun Kits for Beginners 2023

 EZ P3 Pro Adjustable Stroke Wireless Tattoo Pen Basic Bundle



The EZ P3 Pro is the ultimate choice for hobbyists and beginners, celebrated for its advanced features—adjustable voltage, six strokes, and a seamless driving system. Its 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery ensures five to six hours of continuous operation on a single two-hour charge, allowing uninterrupted sessions, even during breaks. Praised for its steadiness, quiet operation, and versatility in lining, shading, and packing, it's an ideal pick for professional settings. The inclusion of 50 pcs cartridge needles and ink cups makes it a reliable companion during your beginner period. The prictice skin is an ideal canvas to improve your skills. Remarkably, it boasts the best performance, despite being the most expensive among the three kits below. It remains the top choice for budget-enough individuals seeking optimal quality.


EZ Beginners Tattoo Kit EZ Filter Freedom



Introducing the EZ Beginners Tattoo Kit EZ Filter Freedom—an affordable substitute for conventional wired tattoo machines, designed with beginners in mind. This budget-friendly device stands out for its excellence in both line and shader work, featuring a customized motor with a direct drive system for a gratifying tattooing experience. The LED display conveniently shows working voltage, capacity, and records working time. While it may not match the excellence of the P3 Pro, this kit, recognized by many tattoo artists, is a valuable tool in your journey from novice to master, offering newfound


EZ Beginners Tattoo Kit Nano - Pack Of 2



Introducing the EZ Beginners Tattoo Kit Nano - Pack Of 2, the EZ NANO— a rotary machine that seamlessly combines the functions of a coil machine, earning its title as the real rotary king of EZ.  Specifically designed for precise and crisp lines, the NANO excels in delicate dotwork, various line styles, and traditional work. Weighing only 2.37 ounces and featuring a 20mm Ultra Thin design, it ensures hand comfort and reduces fatigue during extended tattoo sessions.

The NANO, an all-around master with 3 strokes (3.5mm, 2.5mm, 4.2mm), is distinguished by its color (Gray with a 4.2mm stroke length and Golden with a 3.5mm stroke length). The kit includes an extra 2.5mm stroke, providing flexibility for tattoo artists. The RCA interface supports both battery and cable connections. We include a PG3 battery in the kit. The intelligent digital display screen accurately shows voltage, battery level, and working time, enhancing the overall tattooing experience.


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