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The EZ EvoTech Pro Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen Machine---the latest tattoo gun of EZ tattoo

The EZ EvoTech Pro Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen Machine---the latest tattoo gun of EZ tattoo

Exciting news! – meet the EvoTech Pro Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen Gun Machine from EZ Tattoo, a game-changing addition to your tooltray. This powerful machine, with a touch of bling, is set to elevate your tattooing experience to new heights. If you've been considering cutting the cord for total tattooing freedom, the EvoTech Pro is your answer. 


Let's dive into what makes the EvoTech Pro a must-have:

Say goodbye to frequent recharging!
The EvoTech Pro packs a punch with its robust 2000mAh battery, offering an impressive 7 hours of uninterrupted working time.

Take full control with our PWM speed adjustment feature.
The EvoTech Pro lets you seamlessly tweak your speed settings from C01 to C10 at the same voltage, empowering you to adapt to various tattooing techniques and styles effortlessly.

Provide you a serene environment, and that's exactly what the EvoTech Pro delivers.
Operate with remarkably low noise and vibration, ensuring your focus remains unwavering throughout every stroke.

Embrace the future of wireless convenience.
The EvoTech Pro is Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to effortlessly connect with a wireless footswitch. Experience a level of freedom you've never felt before.



Dual Grips for Maximum Comfort
Your comfort matters. The EvoTech Pro comes with two ergonomic grips – choose between the 32mm and 40mm options for a personalized and precise grip that suits your style.



Take your tattooing to the next level with the EvoTech Pro and experience unparalleled performance and precision. It's more than just a machine; it's a complete game-changer. Ready to revolutionize your art? The EvoTech Pro is here for it.

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