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Tattoo Gun Motor: brushless motor & coreless motor

by EZTattooing Admin 15 Mar 2024 0 Comments

In the art of tattooing, the motor of a tattoo machine is one of its core components. Different types of motors can bring about vastly different effects and experiences. Currently, the most common types of motors used in wireless tattoo guns are brushless motors and coreless motors.

I. Brushless Motor


The brushless tattoo gun motor is an advanced motor design, where internal coils generate a magnetic field through electric current interaction with an external permanent magnet, driving the rotor to rotate. Its advantages include:

  • Efficiency, reliability, and long lifespan:Due to the absence of brushes, friction and wear are reduced, consequently lowering noise levels. It is also the motor type with the lowest maintenance costs in the market.

  • Stable performance: The design of brushless motors ensures stable performance even at high speeds, thereby enhancing the efficiency and precision of tattoo artists.

For example, the EZ P3 Pro Turbo, imported from Switzerland, utilizes a brushless motor known for its efficiency, low noise, and extended lifespan. Coupled with a direct-drive system, it is particularly suitable for tattoo artists specializing in black and gray styles.

II. Coreless Motor


Coreless motors boast the following advantages:

  • Quick response: The hollow structure of the rotor reduces its mass and inertia, leading to faster response times.
  • Smooth rotation: With no iron core, the motor minimizes rotor inertia and imbalance, resulting in smoother rotation.
  • High efficiency: The absence of an iron core makes rotation lighter, allowing the motor to operate more efficiently and conserve energy.

For instance, the EZ P3 Pro utilizes a coreless motor known for its fast response, smooth rotation, and suitability for styles requiring rapid adjustments and sensitivity.

When selecting a tattoo machine, understanding the characteristics and pros and cons of different types of tattoo gun motors is crucial. If you are still using a rotary tattoo machine and haven't decided to purchase a wireless tattoo pen, our store offers two high-quality tattoo gun motors for your consideration:

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