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EZ Thunderbolt Force V2 rotary tattoo machine

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Color: Black

Thunderbolt Force V2 rotary tattoo machine

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EZ new, improved Thunderbolt Force V2 version rotary tattoo machine with beyond intelligent chip so your machine work smarter and powerful than ever.  Compatible with standard and cartridge needles.                                                                                               

The stroke length can be adjusted by changing depth of screw on the armature bar. the machine will give basically unending options of adjustability depending on how the artist needs to approach pieces like portraits or animals, Much thought has gone into how it works. 

We produce machines with revolutionary technology to make tattooist works easier!


Motor: External rotor brushless motor
Material: Aircraft aluminum
Stroke Length: 1-4.5 mm Recommended voltage range: 6 - 8 V
Rpm: 8V/9000rpm ± 10% Switch Frequency: 60 - 150 Hz Connection: RCA Weight: 2.5 oz (71g) ONLY