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EZ tattoo V-Select cartridge needles PMU& SMP Cartridges

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$14.90 - $18.90
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Type: Liner
Gauge: 6/0.20mm
Size: 1

EZ Tattoo V-Select Cartridge Needles PMU& SMP Cartridges

EZ Tattoo V-Select Scalp Micro Pigmentation&Permanent Make-Up Cartridge Needles. A unique style stabilizing system, designed for the Permanent Make-Up and Tattoo usage purpose.Ideal for micropigmentation & permanent makeup(eyebrows, eyelinver, lips, Microblading, small piece tattoo and hair tattoo-Scalp)


  • Safety Membrane V drive System
  • Stable premium fine needles
  • 100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Needle made of surgical stainless steel
  • Medical grade plastic
  • Great Ink flow
  • Pack of 20 cartridge needles