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EZ Wireless Footswitch(MT)

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Color: Black

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EZ Wireless Footswitch

The EZ Wireless Footswitch offers versatile compatibility with P3 Pro, P2S pro, EvoTech Pro, and More To Come. Its user-friendly design includes a multi-color LED to indicate Bluetooth connection status, ensuring easy usage. The footswitch boasts solid construction with an innovative minimalist design, emphasizing durability and functionality. Additionally, its non-slip rubber bottom enhances stability, making it a reliable and convenient accessory for various applications.


Dimensions(Lx WxH): 89 x 84x 30 mm
Charging Voltage: 5V
Weight: 6.6oz(187g)
Charging Port: USB-C
Recharging Time: 2hours
WorkingTime: Up to 120hours



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ian Garner
Worth it, but needs improvement

I would definitely buy it again just as is BUT it could be improved in the following ways…

1. A larger (more robust) and more accessible on/off switch
2. After foot switch is inactive for too long it shuts off but you need to turn the switch off then on again to reactivate it… would be better if you just needed to step on it to reactive it.
3. The spring is a bit too stiff and makes it difficult to depress the switch. Would be better if it was easier to depress the switch (in my opinion).