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EZ PG3 RCA wireless battery pack

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Color: Camo

PG3 The wireless power supply eliminates the limitations of traditional power cords, providing a more convenient user experience.

The PG3 latest model tattoo power supply boasts a distinct and refined exterior design, Its lightweight and compact size ensure comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended tattoo sessions. Moreover, it features an intelligent digital display screen that accurately shows voltage, battery level, and working time, among other essential information.

The intelligent digital display screen of this power supply allows for effortless voltage adjustment and monitoring of battery levels. This enables artists to have better control over the tattooing process. With precise voltage adjustment based on client requirements and different tattoo areas, every tattoo can be executed with optimal precision. Additionally, you can stay informed about the remaining battery level, ensuring uninterrupted tattooing without any power-related interruptions.PG3  stands out with its wireless power supply, unique design, lightweight construction, and intelligent digital display screen. It delivers a more efficient and convenient tattooing experience for both professional artists and enthusiasts. With its help, you can achieve more precise and remarkable tattoo artworks.

Working Voltage: 5 - 12V

Connection: RCA

Net Weight: 1.27oz (36g)

Size: (Ø X L): 30 x 67 mm

Battery Capacity:1100mAh 

Recharging Time: 1hr

Powerpack Working time: Approx. 200mis+

warranty policy

battery:Six months warranty

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Ben Webb
Best yet

Best machine yet from you guys! A heavier grip option would be amazing hint hint