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EZ P3 Pro Turbo Adjustable Stroke Wireless Tattoo Pen Advanced Bundle

Original price $289.00 - Original price $359.00
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$289.00 - $359.00
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SKU P3 Pro Turbo-Red
Color: Red
Package: Pen

P3 Pro Turbo Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen Machine
The latest EZ tattoo machine!
It share the same battery with EZ P3 pro
Battery click here

Manual click here

How to adjust the stroke of EZ P3 PRO TURBO?


  • EZ P3 pro Turbo+Battery
  • 40pcs Tattoo Needle Cartridges: This kit includes a generous number of needle cartridges, providing a wide variety of options for different tattooing techniques and styles. 1207RL*1 1215M1C*1
  • 100pcs Eco-Friendly 12mm Ink Cups: The eco-friendly ink cups Made from unique biodegradable materials, meeting the highest hygiene standards.
  • 200pcs Tattoo Machine Covers (plus size): The kit provides ample tattoo machine covers, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene by protecting the machine from contamination during use.
  • 1 pcs Tattoo Gloves and bandages: Promoting safety and hygiene during tattooing procedures.
  • 5pcs Eco-friendly Disposable Razors: Razor handles made from wheat straw. Box is 100% compostable.
  • 5 Sheets Derm Defender: A specially designed product, ensures prompt recovery during the healing stage of tattoo wounds by acting as a protective shield against dirt, bacteria, and abrasion, while remaining lightweight and waterproof.
  • 1 pcs EZ tattoo pen Tary

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexander Shametov
Great value

Great quality machine, good price. Happy with the purchase

George Hocog
Tested and i love it

Did my first test drive on this bad boy and it is no joke super consistent and powerful thank you again EZ tattoo supply fo an amazing product that pros or newbies can get a machine at a affordable price I'll be back to get more supplies

George Hocog
Best tattoo machine I own so far

Thanks to Ez tattoo supplies for a great customer service and and awesome product Ez p3 pro turbo is a solid machine well built and designed is flawless it can do whatever style you want tattooed thanks again for the great customer service and good product

Sandy Ratolojanahary
My opinion

It’s a quality material machine,I tried it on three tattoos,almost lining,adjusted stroke on 5,but the motor seems not as powerful as it must be at the beginning.problems happen with some cartridges I tried on it.Not the same on the P3 pro which works very well with cartridges I use