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EZ P3 Pro Adjustable Stroke Wireless Tattoo Pen Advanced Bundle

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$269.00 - $339.00
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SKU P3 Pro- Matte Red
Color: Red
Package: pen
Style: Matte

P3 pro battery click here
Manual Click Here

Why do we choose 1207RL and 1215M1C?

Most tattoo artists prefer using the 1207RL needle for lining. The 1207RL is versatile and can be used for any traditional style or thicker lines, which is why it is our top choice.
We recommend using large M1C needles for shading in all tattoo styles. The 1215M1C is excellent for soft shading, and the curved edges prevent stiff lines.

Is the EZ P3 Pro kit suitable for tattoo beginners?

Absolutely, the EZ P3 Pro is very suitable for beginners. It is a highly functional wireless tattoo pen that provides a great experience for novices. We include everything needed for tattooing


  • EZ P3 pro+Battery
  • 40pcs Tattoo Needle Cartridges: This kit includes a generous number of needle cartridges, providing a wide variety of options for different tattooing techniques and styles. 1207RL*1 1215M1C*1
  • 100pcs Eco-Friendly 12mm Ink Cups: The eco-friendly ink cups Made from unique biodegradable materials, meeting the highest hygiene standards.
  • 200pcs Tattoo Machine Covers (plus size): The kit provides ample tattoo machine covers, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene by protecting the machine from contamination during use.
  • 1 pcs Tattoo Gloves and bandages: Promoting safety and hygiene during tattooing procedures.
  • 5pcs Eco-friendly Disposable Razors: Razor handles made from wheat straw. Box is 100% compostable.
  • 5 Sheets Derm DefenderA specially designed product, ensures prompt recovery during the healing stage of tattoo wounds by acting as a protective shield against dirt, bacteria, and abrasion, while remaining lightweight and waterproof.
  • 1 pcs EZ tattoo pen Tary

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Exceeded my expectations

I have one more machine by Ez with which I’m absolutely happy with its build and operation. However this one is even better and more versatile due to the adjustable stroke. It might feel a bit heavy for people who are used to very lightweight machines but even that is not a problem since its weight is mostly on the front 2/3 so it’s balanced when you hold it.
It’s also very smooth and has close to no vibration, which makes it very stable.
Switching stroke length and needle lengths is comfortable as there’s enough space between the two areas so that you don’t accidentally turn both. Overall very happy and will get another one soon.

Lucie Pavlíčková
EZ P3 Pro

I ordered from the Czech Republic and everything was perfect. The goods arrived quickly without damage.
I can recommend.
Thank you

Mike Houston
Not delivered yet

I’ll review the machine when I get it…

Bladimir Estrella

EZ P3 Pro Adjustable Stroke Wireless Tattoo Pen Advanced Bundle

K x
Helpful Employee

I purchased a P3 in March, but it had a battery issue. I contacted Suvan via email and sent them a video. They sent me a new battery on the third day. I'm very grateful. Recently, I bought a new machine, the P3 Pro, and I just received it. It's still in perfect condition.