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Simple Tattoo Ideas For Beginners: Practise & Designs|Series 1

Simple Tattoo Ideas For Beginners: Practise & Designs|Series 1

All great tattoo artists start with practice skins. Practicing simple designs on artificial skin is an essential phase for tattoo beginners. We have carefully selected the most suitable practice templates and designs for beginners to inspire simple tattoo ideas.


  • 1~3 : Best Simple Star Tattoo Ideas for Beginners
  • 4~7:Simple Heart Tattoo Ideas for Beginners
  • 8~10:Simple Sun Tattoo Designs for Beginners
  • 11~14:Simple Skull Tattoo Practice for Beginners
  • 15~17:Best Easy Rose Tattoo Designs for Beginners
  • 18~20:Simple Cartoon Tattoo Ideas for Tattoo Beginners
  • 21~24:Simple Dragon Tattoo Design for Tattoo Beginners
  • 25~27:Easy Flame tattoo ideas for beginners
  • How To Tattoo Perfect Lines

Best Simple Star Tattoo Ideas for Beginners

1.Traditional Star Tattoo

The traditional star tattoo is one of the most common designs for tattoo beginners to practice. You can define its size as you like, and alternate between pure black and pure white to enhance your understanding of shading. This design helps you improve your skills in creating consistent, bold lines and achieving a balanced contrast between light and dark areas.

2.Four Simple Star Tattoos

These seemingly simple designs can be more challenging than they appear. It's best to use a 1001RL or 0801RL single needle for practice, as fine line tattoos require precise control.


3.Solid Black Star Tattoo

You can start by outlining the design first, then proceed with shading it in.

Simple Heart Tattoo Ideas for Beginners

4.Easy heart Tattoo Practice Designs

These five simple heart designs include various line exercises, ranging from thin to thick lines. It's not overly complex, making it perfect for beginners to practice repeatedly.

5.Minimalist Heart Tattoo

Achieving a minimalist heart tattoo isn't difficult, but it does require beginners to practice lines extensively to maintain elegance in the design.

6.Simple Music Note Heart Tattoo

Combining music notes with a heart shape, this design is ideal for beginners to practice tattooing. It doesn't require shading practice and can be executed using lines of varying thickness.

7.Traditional Heart Tattoo

The traditional heart tattoo has long been considered a foundational design for most tattoo artists. It starts with a simple heart shape and progressively incorporates more details and decorative elements. Continual practice is key to improving your tattooing skills and mastering the art of creating intricate traditional heart designs.



Simple Sun Tattoo Designs for Beginners

8.Sun one line drawing tattoo

A single-line drawing of a sun is difficult for beginners to replicate accurately on the first try. Long-term practice significantly improves control and mastery of line strength.

9.Minimalist Sunset Tattoo

 If you're intimidated by straight lines, this sunset design is perfect for you. You don't need to follow perfectly straight lines; instead, you can create a style that reflects your own unique artistic expression.

10.Simple Sunrise Tattoo

You don't necessarily need to draw a perfect circle for the sun. Instead, use lines of varying lengths to create an arc, which can be more challenging than drawing a perfect circle. Waves are also composed of lines.

Simple Skull Tattoo Practice for Beginners

11.Simple Skull Tattoo Design

A flat skull without any sense of dimension is the easiest skull practice for tattoo beginners. Using simple lines, there's no need to worry about creating depth.

12.Simple Skull Tattoo Design

A flat skull without any sense of dimension is the easiest skull practice for tattoo beginners. Using simple lines, there's no need to worry about creating depth.

13.Traditional Rose Skull Tattoo Practice

If you're looking to add some challenge and practice shading, this is the best choice. It's recommended to use EZ P3 Pro for practice. Add details like teeth, paying attention to the arrangement of upper and lower teeth. Use bold, solid black lines to outline the rose and skull. This is a key characteristic of traditional tattoo style, ensuring clear and strong lines.

14.Colored Traditional Skull Rose Tattoo Practice

 Traditional skull and rose tattoos typically have limited color usage:
Rose: Use red for the petals and green for the leaves. Add black or dark red shading along the edges of the petals and veins of the leaves.
Skull: Skulls are usually shaded with black and grey to create a sense of depth. Use a touch of yellow to depict an aged look on the skull.

Best Easy Rose Tattoo Designs for Beginners

15.Simple Line Rose Tattoo

This rose design allows you to practice clean, straightforward lines without the interference of shading. You can easily control the size of this tattoo, and it's possible to achieve a three-dimensional look even without shading.

16.Without Stem Rose Tattoo

In contrast to a simple line drawing, this design allows you to practice lines of varying thickness. This is an excellent way to develop your skills in creating depth and texture using only line work

16.Traditional Rose with Sword Tattoo

Many tattoo beginners start with American traditional designs. This design will help you practice bold lines, simple color palettes, and basic shading techniques. The traditional rose with a sword is a classic motif that combines elements of strength and beauty, offering a great way to hone your skills in these fundamental areas of tattooing.

17.Traditional Red Rose with Leaves Tattoo

The traditional red rose with leaves is a classic design that you can find on many websites. This iconic motif is perfect for beginners to practice, as it involves bold lines, basic shading, and simple color fills. It provides an excellent reference and practice design for those new to tattooing, helping you develop your skills in line work, shading, and color application.

Simple Cartoon Tattoo Ideas for Tattoo Beginners

18.Simple Ghost Tattoo

This simple ghost tattoo design is very beginner-friendly. Creating a complete outline may be challenging initially, but it doesn't require shading to achieve a three-dimensional effect, making it ideal for practice.

19.Simple SpongeBob Tattoo

This SpongeBob tattoo design features flat lines without intricate pore designs, making it very beginner-friendly for those practicing cartoon tattoo patterns.

20.Simple Patrick Star Tattoo

This tattoo design of Patrick Star requires attention to outlining and line work before practicing coloring techniques.

Simple Dragon Tattoo Design for Tattoo Beginners

21.Baby Dragon Tattoo

With this tattoo, you can pay homage to beloved fantasy series and feel like the mother of dragons.

22.The Simplest Dragon Tattoo Design

A super simple dragon tattoo idea, featuring just a few defining characteristics.

23.Simple Dragon tribe Tattoo

If you're not yet ready to commit to a realistic design, this simple dragon symbol tattoo might be a good choice. It doesn't require meticulous shading or intricate details.

24.Mini Dragon Tattoo

For tattoo beginners, a minimalist dragon tattoo featuring only lines is an excellent choice. These tattoos use simple shapes and single colors, without intricate details.

flame tattoo ideas for beginners

25.Simple Small Flame Tattoo

This simple small flame tattoo, with its irregular lines, effectively enhances your practice with outlining.

26.Heart Tattoo Design with Flames

If you're already proficient with small flame tattoos, you can try adding other elements on the basis of the flames, such as placing a heart underneath.

27.Simple Flame Tattoo Design

This design is typically inked on the arm, and you can experiment with adding colors to make it look more realistic.

How To Tattoo Perfect Lines

For tattoo beginners, mastering line drawing is one of the most important skills. However, it's also one of the most challenging. Understanding the correct techniques can make line work in tattooing much easier. If you're keen on learning how to draw lines, we recommend checking out "Tattooing 101," which provides specialized guidance and courses tailored for beginners.

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