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Best Wireless Tattoo Machines for Beginners?- EZ P2S Pro

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines for Beginners?- EZ P2S Pro

Are you an aspiring tattoo artist looking for the perfect wireless machine to kickstart your journey into the world of tattooing? Look no further than the EZ P2S Pro—a cutting-edge device designed with beginners in mind. Let's explore why the EZ P2S Pro stands out as the top choice for novice tattoo artists in 2024.


2024 Best Cordless Tattoo Machines for Beginners

EZ P2S Pro is the enhanced version of the best-selling EZtattoo P2S, featuring significant upgrades for tattoo artists. This advanced wireless tattoo machine incorporates a host of cutting-edge features

1.Brushless Motor Technology

  • Featuring EZ's custom-designed brushless motor, this machine delivers exceptional performance and durability, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

2. Direct Drive System

  • Enjoy unparalleled control and responsiveness, with the motor directly driving the needle for precise tattooing

3. OLED Digital Display

  • Stay informed with real-time feedback on voltage, speed, and mode settings, all presented on a clear OLED display.

4. User-Friendly Design

The EZ P2S Pro is crafted to simplify the tattooing process for beginners without compromising on quality or performance. Here's why it's ideal for those starting their tattooing career:

5. Wireless Convenience

  • Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. The EZ P2S Pro operates wirelessly, providing freedom of movement and flexibility during tattoo sessions.

6.Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Featuring intuitive controls and an OLED digital display, the EZ P2S Pro allows beginners to monitor and adjust settings effortlessly, ensuring a smooth tattooing experience.

7. Lightweight and Ergonomic

  • Weighing just 6.74 ounces (191g) with the power pack, this machine is lightweight and comfortable to handle, reducing fatigue during long tattooing sessions.

8.Versatile Cartridge Compatibility

  • The EZ P2S Pro is compatible with a wide range of tattoo cartridges commonly used in the industry, offering beginners flexibility in needle selection and artistic expression.

9. Built-in Safety Features

  • Auto Power Off functionality helps conserve battery life and promotes safe operation, making it ideal for beginners who are still mastering their technique.

10.App Integration (Future Development)

  • Stay tuned for planned app functionality that will offer enhanced customization and control options, further elevating the tattooing experience.

Advanced Features for Progression

While perfect for beginners, the EZ P2S Pro is also packed with advanced features that allow artists to grow and refine their skills:

  • Brushless motor technology ensures consistent performance and durability.
  • Direct drive system provides precise control and responsiveness.
  • Memory function stores preferred settings for seamless setup during tattoo sessions.
  • Push mode allows for easy switching between tattooing techniques.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: EZ Customized Swiss
  • Stroke Length: 3.5 mm
  • Operating Voltage: 4 - 12 V
  • DC Rpm: 10800rpm ± 10%
  • Switch Frequency: 60 - 160 Hz
  • Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.5 mm
  • Dimensions (Ø x L): 32 x 142 mm

Unlock Your Potential

With the EZ P2S Pro, beginners can unleash their creativity and embark on a rewarding tattooing journey. This machine empowers artists to learn and experiment with confidence, setting the stage for future success in the industry.


For beginners seeking the best cordless tattoo machine in 2024, the EZ P2S Pro is a game-changer. From its user-friendly design to its advanced features, this machine offers the perfect balance of functionality and ease of use. Elevate your skills and create stunning artwork with the EZ P2S Pro—the ultimate choice for aspiring tattoo artists. Start your journey today and experience the difference firsthand.

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