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Agujas de cartucho EZ Tattoo Revolution Curved Magnum

Precio original $11.90 - Precio original $22.90
Precio original
$11.90 - $22.90
Precio actual $13.90
Estilo: Cono largo
Indicador: 8/0,25 mm
Tamaño: 9

Agujas de cartucho EZ Tattoo Revolution Curved Magnum

Las agujas de cartucho EZ® Revolution Series son los cartuchos de la generación más vendidos de EZ®, la serie EZ® "R" es la elección perfecta para el artista profesional, para brindarle una sensación ultrasuave con la tensión adecuada.

Seguridad y precisión mejoradas: innovaciones en el diseño de agujas

  1. Sistema interior de membrana de seguridad.
  2. Cuerpo de punta de colores claros y claros: mejor visibilidad.
  3. Carcasa de perfil bajo y mejor flujo de tinta y forma en el interior.
  4. Punta curvada en el extremo para facilitar las curvas.
  5. Ajuste exacto para grupos de agujas en todo momento.
  6. Los bordes lisos eliminan traumatismos adicionales.

Versátil y estéril: agujas de cartucho premium para máquinas de tatuar

  • Compatible con TODAS las máquinas y grips con sistema de cartuchos tipo Cheyenne.
  • 100% EO Gas Esterilizado y empaquetado individualmente.
  • Agujas fabricadas en acero inoxidable 304 de grado médico.
  • Puntas de plástico de grado médico.
  • 20 agujas por caja.
  • Más de 100 configuraciones disponibles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lefty Rob
On point!

Cartridges work perfectly, shipping was fast and accurate, prices are amazing!

Ariel Bolivar
1215M1C, 1219M1C

Excellent. It’s work very good

Jeff Long
Mags good

I love the curved bug pin mags,I use them regularly.

chained drawings
like it, specially

I love the versatility of each cartridge as I use them, I’m not naming other carts I use but I will say these out rank them greatly.


Let me start off by saying that these were way better than I thought they were going to be! EZ has some pretty solid stuff as a whole. Im a professional and have been mostly using cartridges for a while now and I like to try out different ones every so often. I have ended up using almost every kind these is out there at this point besides the really cheap ones.

These have a good construction and the color coding is nice, very similar to cheyenne's color system. My biggest issue comes from the beveled tip on the liners. I love a beveled tip, but this one has a bit too much and makes it harder to dip and bring up ink into the tip and also then makes it so the tip doesn't hold as much. lots of dipping and having to reline can be annoying. the needles themselves are not bad though! if you dip a lot while working, you might not even notice.

When it comes down to it, the 4/5 is mostly due to my preferences. I still will be buying these here and there for certain groupings as the quality for the price is great! I'd suggest you pick up a box of liners and a box of magnums and give them a try if you're curious! its not that much, and you might love them!